Are you looking for new and interesting ways to attract customers to your e-commerce portals? Though there are many traditional methods of marketing like Email notifications and Text notifications, you need to constantly adopt new marketing techniques to keep pace with the dynamic and fast-growing consumer base. It is important to follow data-driven marketing techniques so that you can be assured of reliable results.

Web Widgets – Innovative solutions to interact with prospective buyers

Web widgets are software plugins that can be installed on any type of website. A widget is nothing but a small piece of code that can be used to provide relevant content, such as sign-up for special offers, or promote a particular product. In fact, widgets are widely used in most websites on the web.

Enabling web widgets is seamless with no impact to your existing website backend. They automatically sync with your Shopping Cart Software (Magento, Shopify, etc) and start working immediately.

Keep your website dynamic with Yfret web widgets. We have seen the time spent on the site increase by 2-3 x times using these product displays at the right places on the site. They improve product discovery and improve conversions.

Out of the Box Web Widgets from YFret

Home page

  • • New arrivals
  • • What’s happening now
  • • Trending products
  • • Hand-picked products
  • • Best sellers

Category Page

  • • Trending in this category
  • • New arrivals in this category
  • • Best sellers in this category

Product Page

  • • People who viewed this also viewed
  • • Bought together
  • • Related products

Personalized recommendations per user

YFret allows you to pick and customize web widgets to deliver to your shoppers a personalized shopping experience.

How does a web widget work for an e-commerce platform?

When you’re running an e-commerce platform, your primary use of widgets will be to bring in more customers and improve conversion. You can create a web widget that will display a list of products based on visitors’ search history, shopping cart, and wish list. This makes web widgets a tool for data-driven marketing.

YFret’s AI based technology helps you to curate the data collected using these widgets based on customers’ likes and preferences thus increasing chances of conversion. Web widgets also encourage the visitor to browse through the other categories and sections in your e-store by showcasing products related to the ones they recently purchased.

Web widgets should be designed based your website’s design, layout, and SEO. Widgets help visitor engagement with deep personalization thereby delivering a great customer experience on your website.

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