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We enable brands to create natural and relevant customers experiences in real time on the desktop, mobile, store, voice assistants, any where

An AI platform built for real time interactions Hyper-personalization with real time recommendations, 360 degree customer view and multi-channel automation

Personalize even their first visit

Treat each visitor from the very first visit, and on real time channels like voice or chat – with personalized search results. content, offers, product recommendations, and category pages.

Our unique machine learning algorithms learn the customer profile in real time to start recommending the right content within milliseconds.

Offer them a seamless experience

Create a 360 degree view of your audience based on their interactions on your voice app. website, mobile app, CRM, and  store purchases.

Offer them a seamless experience across channels. and use insights from your active users to reduce your ad spend –  get more customers similar to the most loyal ones.

Retarget them on the right channel

The deep learnings of your customer profile are available for you to  re-target them on email. text messages and browser notifications, social media.

Use our retargeting product for 1-1 personalized campaigns, or integrate the insights to your own re-targeting engine.

The results speak for themselves

25 – 40% increase in revenue

Using personalized website personalization, followed by re-targeting on multiple channels. 

Significant increase in revenue observed for first time visitors.

2-3X more engagement

Observed on metrics like time spent on site and pages visited/product views after switching to real time personalized recommendations.

Personalized recommendations included in re-targeting campaigns on emails, notifications and text messages double the click and open rates.

25% increase in new user conversion rates

More than 75% of website visitors come only once. And on voice/chatbot channels, their patience is even less.

Converting first time users has improved ROAS (Return on Ad Spend ) by 60%

200+ happy customers and counting

Jamie Willey, Senior Marketing Consultant

Automation and AI are vital components in todays Marketing Technology stack. In order to drive continuous improvement and keep up with the demands of the multi-channel presence brands are required to manage in real time, businesses need the best tools to unlock this ability. In my opinion, YFret is one of the best on the market.

Gautam Kapoor

Co-founder, Kartrocket

YFret is a plug-and-play platform that enables sellers to understand their users and engage them across their preferred channels. It is a boon for any small- to medium-sized retailer.

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