About Us

Our mission is to simplify customer engagement by offering relevant and natural experiences – in real time.  We offer a personalized voice assistant on Google or Alexa for you, seamlessly integrated to your website, app and store. 

Our real time personalization engine AURA matches millions of products to users, in real time, and seamlessly across channels, even on the first visit. We extract these insights for you- and make them actionable, and to help you even re-target your visitors again, intelligently. 

We are passionate, hungry to make a difference. We do not like long meetings with no outcome. Or too many people with no direction. You do not need complex documentation or a big bunch of system integrators to integrate our product. 

We are not out of reach. Technology is not out of reach. And we are on the top of the latest tricks of the trade. We like to push limits. Whether it is a fitness goal or rolling out a new recommendation algorithm channel in a few weeks, we have done it all.

Meet the people behind this

Tina Mani

CEO & Co-Founder

Milind Utsav

CTO & Cofounder

Gautham Kumaran

Data Scientist


UI Developer

Ankur Kumar

Digital Marketing and Sales Manager

Backed by Experts

John Cook

42+ yrs in financial sector (Merrill Lynch) Founder Rock Lake Associates, KCL Invest MBA, Thunderbird School of Global Mgmt.

Brendon Dennewill

President & Founder of Denamico – a Hubspot agency Over 16 years of experience in content marketing, inbound sales

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