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Facebook has taken the lead position for modern day socialization. Millions of people across the world communicate and interact using this popular social media networking site. This makes it a perfect place for e-commerce businesses to showcase their products.

Social is the way to go

If you want to find prospective customers and attract more people to your website, then building a strong presence on Facebook is a no-brainer. By using the right combination of behavioral targeting, product discovery options, and product recommendation software, you can attract many customers to your website.

People today make their shopping decisions based on the recommendations and suggested posts on such channels. YFret allows you to showcase your brand and products on Social channels such as Facebook to increase engagement and drive conversions.

How to increase Facebook reach?

Advertising on Facebook is expensive and time-consuming. Your best option will be an organic Facebook reach, which will give you long-lasting results. The YFret platform provides you with the right tools to enable organic reach on social channels.

Build FB followers

In order to build your Facebook follower base, you need to keep users engaged with interesting and relevant updates. Post high-quality content, product recommendations, user reviews, and other forms of content to keep them tuned in.

Moreover, you should use behavioral targeting methods to post the right content that will attract your target audience. With YFret marketing automation platform, you can deliver relevant product recommendations to personalize your messages and updates.

Encourage user participation

These days, customers want to have a say in their purchase decisions. Facebook is an interactive platform that allows two-way communication between you and the customer. So, make the most of this capability to increase audience participation.

YFret allows you to post Facebook polls, games, and other interactive content that will encourage user participation.

Share your posts throughout the day

Keep your followers interested and engaged by posting a variety of updates at different time of the day. YFret enables you to automatically schedule and post FB campaigns based on customer demography and preference.

Facebook is a great platform that will bring your customers closer to you. However, you need to use the right tools and techniques to maximize your reach. We offer customized Facebook campaign solutions to improve your social reach.

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