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The internet is a fascinating place. It is redefining the way the new generation spends most of its time – browsing, reading, shopping or connecting with friends. If you own an online/ e-commerce business, this brings an excellent opportunity for you to engage with your customer. Browser Notifications is a brand new capability which allows you to reach your customer in real-time.


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What are browser notifications?

Most online users have a favorite browser which they use most often than not. These browsers provide web push notification capability which are designed to pop up on the screen when the user is browsing about a product or service similar to what your e-store offers. The notification can also be created based on the pending items in the user’s abandoned shopping cart. Personalization of notifications across multiple channels will allow you to reach out to a wider audience. More importantly, since browser notifications are customized per the visitors’ browsing history, the chances of conversion are higher than when you employ Omni-channel marketing techniques. Browser notifications can be triggered in most browsers across devices – desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone.

What are the benefits of using web push notifications?

Market survey has shown that personalized browser notifications are beneficial to e-commerce businesses in more than one ways:

Wider reach

Browser notifications can be triggered on some of the popular browsers including Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. Majority of internet users generally use these browsers while surfing online. This means that you can reach out to a greater number of prospective customers when you trigger browser notifications to re-engage users and increase your chances of a conversion.

Reach out to users, not on your website

The best part of web push notifications is that it allows you to kindle the interest of online users who haven’t visited your website for a long time. If they are looking for a particular product or service similar to what you offer, you can use push notifications to attract them to your website.

Research indicates that multi-channel personalization of push notifications shows up to 30% higher conversation rates compared to other traditional forms of Omni-channel marketing techniques.

Stay ahead of your competitors and bring in more users to your website using our innovative and personalized push notifications solutions.

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