On site personalization Personalize your customer experience on your website or app in real time, even on the first visit

Personalized Product Recommendations

  • Offer product recommendations on your website, mobile app, voice assistant or chat bot that are updated in real time as your customer interacts, even on the first visit. These include: Recommended for you, New Arrivals for you, Best Sellers you may like, Trending Products for you, What people are viewing right now, Related products,  Bought together, and more.
  • The user intent is learnt by our AI engine AURA based on the browsing behavior, loyalty profile, purchase history or store data.

Personalized Search

Personalize your search results  on your website, app or voice channel based on your customer taste. Our real time engine AURA learns the user preferences and context in real time, even on the first visit.

Personalized content or category pages

Rearrange your site content or e-commerce category pages for each user in real time based on their preferences using machine learning. This is done automatically without any configuration.

Add your own logic to boost specific categories, content or products  to give them more visibility in addition to the sorting by AURA.  Handpicked product sections can also be re-used on your re-targeting campaigns on other cbannels.

Real Time Audience Profile Get a 360 degree view of your customers based on their actions and tastes learnt by AURA

360 degree view of your audience

Get a real time  360 degree view of your customers based on their interactions on your site, store  or loyalty data from your POS ,  or interactions with your CRM –  all in one place to give them the level of personalization they expect.

Learn your customer tastes and preferences

Learn your user preferences and taste based on their interactions. For eg.  budget user or premium, gender, favorite categories, and many more.

Personalized retargeting on multiple channels Reach out to your audience with personalized notifications (app and browser), text messages and email

Retarget your customers on their preferred channel

Reach your customers with 1-1 personalized messages on the channels they respond to –  browser notifications, email, text or app notifications.  You can use our personalization APIs on any tool of your choice, or on our re-targeting product.

Personalized Mobile Landing Pages

Enhance your notifications and text messages with personalized landing pages  per customer built on the fly.

Increase conversions with relevant personalized content

Increase your conversions . Target your customers anywhere at any stage of the funnel – after viewing, adding them to wish list or even after cross-sell after a purchase. Send recommendations based on their taste learnt by our AI engine, or based on their recent actions – like the products or content they viewed, added to cart and so on.

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