Browser Notifications Reach your guest users with personalized product recommendations and dynamic product updates

Retarget Visitors with a simple opt-in

Send instant notifications to your customers with personalized landing pages. Use our pre-built recommendations or build content on the fly without involvement of an IT team.

Personalized Mobile Landing Pages

Re-engage your customers with real-time personalized product updates and content. We auto-generate mobile landing pages so you can send your campaigns fast without involving IT.

Abandoned Cart Recommendations for guest checkouts

Increase your basket to order ratio – recover guest abandoned carts with personalized recommendations and reminders.

Facebook Posts Increase your social media reach organically, without extra effort or additional advertising dollars.

Save Time & Money

Automate your posts and maintain a regular frequency without the need of a social media team.

Product Highlights

Stay fresh in the minds of your Facebook followers with dynamic product posts.

Brand Engagement

Update your customers and followers in real time.

Web Widgets Keep your website engaging and personalized for your visitors - with dynamic product sections.

Display Product Recommendations

Provide contextual product recommendations to your buyers at the right time, in the right place.

Simple Implementation

Update product displays without the need of a developer.

Performance Monitoring

Get daily reports on the performance of your product recommendations.

Email Delight and re-engage customers with targeted emails and newsletters showcasing your products.

Create Personalized Emails

Increase open and conversion rates using personalized emails and relevant product displays.

Easy Setup

Quickly create engaging emails using templates in the visual editor without the need for any extra code.

Retargeting Functionality

Retarget or exclude users based on their engagement with previous emails.

Text Notifications Instantly deliver product recommendations and important news about your online store directly to customers’ smartphones.

Reach Customers on the Go

Don’t wait for your customers to revisit your site or check their email. Connect with them immediately with personalized Text Messaging capabilities.

Custom Landing Pages

Create personalized landing pages for your customers depending on their interests.

Retarget Customers

Reach out to customers who typically ignore traditional channels, such as email.

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