Shopping Cart Abandonment

Where is the challenge?The future of any business lies in the digital space. An online store is only the first step to attracting customers. Research shows that the e-commerce industry is growing at nearly 10 to 12% annually. To be a part of this success, an e-commerce business will need to adopt modern marketing methods to reach its customers.

Today’s consumer loves to shop online. However, the biggest challenges faced by e-commerce stores is shopping cart abandonment. Customers browse through websites, fill the cart or add items to their wish list and then surf away from your e-store. This only proves that, while there lies an inherent interest to buy, but for some reason they step away from your website without completing the purchase.

Are you able to do everything possible to lead your shoppers who abandon items in their cart, to complete their purchase?

If all you do is send them an automated reminder today you are not doing enough.

If you could find solutions to such issues (through intelligent product discovery), you will automatically see a drop in your shopping cart abandonment rate.

YFret Cart abandonment solutions

YFret’s cart abandonment solutions are amongst the best in the world. They work across email, text messages and browser push notifications.

YFret is a marketing automation platform that uses artificial intelligence to improve conversion rates. Our innovative platform is built on artificial intelligence technology to reduce shopping cart abandonment rate. YFret enables website personalization to deliver customized products recommendations for each visitor, based on their personal tastes and browsing history.

Website Personalization Software

We let you include the name of the product abandoned in the subject line, and include not just a reminder to buy the same item, but also provide ready-made recommendations – just in case they need more choices.

We help you address even your guest users by sending them personalized browser notifications. Read more about browser push notifications here.

The notifications are not just a plain message but a message with a deeplink to a personalized recommendations page per user.

If you have the cell numbers of your customers, you can send these over Text Messaging as well, again with the same deeplink.

Why YFret

YFret is perfect for B2C marketing automation platform that helps e-commerce marketers to create personalized and customized campaigns for retargeting guest users. Personalized campaigns evoke interest in products and drive traffic back to your website to complete pending purchases.

Use YFret platform to recover all the carts you possibly can. Moreover, YFret is a plug-and-play solution which needs just half a day to get started.


Why fret over marketing for your online store?

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